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Reduce Night Itching and Sleeplessness Caused by Eczema Dermatitis

Updated: Feb 26

"Why does the itch get worse at night?" 😢⁠

"How can I control the night time itch?" 🛌🏽⁠

These are common questions that I hear from my patients and clients who have eczema.⁠ Losing sleep sucks and itching is uncomfortable, even painful and can cause anxiety. There are steps to take to reduce the itch.

Why >> ⁠

🌙Our bodies release more histamine at night. Histamines make us more itchy. ⁠

Wearing clothing that can irritate and dry out the skin, sweating, daily exposure to environmental pollutants, bedroom temperature 🌡️ and humidity levels can all increase itch.⁠

How to Control It>>⁠

🌿Taking the natural non-drowsy antihistamine daily called quercetin ascorbate can be very helpful to control night time itching.

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🛀🏻Shower and apply ceramide cream before bed. A short 5 minute shower will wash off environmental pollutants and sweat. It also moisturizes skin which will be sealed in by your favorite ceramide cream. Be sure to apply the cream within 10 minutes of your shower.⁠

👕Wear light weight cotton pajamas or eczema clothing so as to avoid skin irritation and sweating. Don't put kids on footie PJs because they can overheat and get itchy. ⁠

🛌🏽Use high thread count cotton sheets and change bedding weekly to reduce irritation and dust mites. Cover the mattress in an allergy and dust mite protector.⁠

💨Bedroom temperature should be at about 65 Degrees and humidity at around 30-50%. If the environment is dry like in winter time use a cool humidifier in the room. For very humid environment use a dehumidifier. ⁠

👩🏻‍💼Consult with me for more personalized tips and a unique Chinese herbal tea to help heal your skin rash and reduce flare ups. Schedule a Discovery Session to find out if Chinese herbs and holistic dermatology treatments for dermatitis are right for you or your child. ⁠

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