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Featured Expert Interviews

Television, Internet, Print

  • Kiwi Magazine; about optimizing fertility with herbs, March 2012

  • CBS News about food as medicine

  • Martha Stewart Publications Body+Soul Magazine; about herbal relief for endometriosis, Nov. 2009

  • Speaker for webinars; Diet & Lifestyle Diaries- an East-West Approach, and K.I.S.S. Method Nutritional Therapy , 2009

  • Podcast Interviews with, 2007 and 2009.

  • Podcast Interview with about Healthy Weight Management, 2007

  • Fitness magazine. June 2006, about acupressure points to relieve stress.

  • Tapestry magazine. Fall 2004, about transgender health issues.

  • Natural Solutions Magazine

  • Acupuncture Today magazine February and March 2003, about the importance of dietary counseling in clinical practice.

  • In New York Interviewed in 2003 Issue about the aphrodisiac effects of the herb Gou Qi Zi


  • Chinese Medicine Times e-Journal, “Post-partum Weight Loss for Nursing Mothers Using T.C.M. and Modern Techniques”. Volume 4, Issue 2, Summer 2009

  • Author of Chinese Medicine & Healthy Weight Loss. Blue Poppy Press 2007

  • Ask The Doctor Columnist for Natural Solutions magazine, May 2007

  • Food and diet columnist for the online magazine The Pulse of Oriental Medicine, 2002-2003

  • Book reviewer of professional texts and popular books in Acupuncture Today magazine, 2002-2003

  • A food & diet article for To Your Health Magazine, Nov/Dec 2002

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