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Reiki Energy Transmission and Intuitive Reading

This Session in One Hour Long Through Phone Or Video

Reiki chakra balancing aids spiritual healing, reveals places that need healing, that are healing, and reminds of our divine true nature which is love. 


Ms. Aiyana, a Reiki Master for 30 years, connects with you by phone or video and transmits an energy healing based in Reiki chakra balancing and what your energy calls for. She was initiated into the Medicine Buddha Mandala by Geshe Jigme Gyatso 17 years ago and incorporates Medicine Buddha Mantra into the session. 


During the session she receives intuitive messages and imagery that she conveys to you when the session is over.


Reiki clients tend to feel a deep sense of peace and calm or release of stagnant uncomfortable energy and will have time to discuss their experience with her at the end of the session.

May You Be Happy, May You Be Healthy, May You Be Free From Suffering and the Causes of Suffering. 

Schedule Your Reiki Transmission and Inutitive Reading
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