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World Psoriasis Day

Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition that can appear all over the body so lots of people with psoriasis wind up wearing long sleeves and long pants all year round in any kind of weather to hide their skin. Otherwise they may feel embarrassed, and are often stared at. Psoriasis is not contagious!

Psoriasis can be well controlled naturally with Chinese herbs and natural, non-steroidal, topical cremes and ointments containing Chinese herbs.

Two brands of topicals that I often suggest to my patients and clients are Zi Zai Dermatology and Emily Skin Soothers skin care lines. Both brands are hand crafted in the USA by people who deeply care about their product and the people who use it.

Psoriasis is known in Chinese medicine (CM) as "ying xie bing/silver scale disease". CM dermatology specialists construct individualized herbal teas for each patient based on their specific presentation and needs. Skin conditions often take time to clear and stabilize but usually once they are stable my patients and clients remain in remission for years to come. Once the skin is clear patients are often left with hypo or hyperpigmentation (especially in patients of color) and the herbs can also help to deal with that. The time and financial commitment are worth it! Learn more HERE.

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