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12 Natural Eczema Care Tips for Babies and Kids

Updated: Dec 10, 2020

“Mommy, why am I so itchy?” Every night at bedtime my little son would ask me that heart breaking question while I helplessly watched him scratch at his legs through his cotton pajamas.

My son was born with atopic allergies; seasonal allergies, life threatening food allergies and eczema. I was desperate to alleviate his discomfort and tried every non-steroidal eczema cream on the market with moderate results at best.

Then I discovered that a colleague, Michael Arsenault, created a line of all natural, Chinese herbal salves called Emily Skin Soothers. He named his line after his own daughter, Emily, who was born with eczema. After just a few days of applying the salve, my son's skin cooled down and stopped and itching.

The Emily ointment helped him more than any other over-the-counter topical eczema product I tried. His skin was practically clear within one week and his itching and discomfort dissipated. I was so happy that something was working to relieve the symptoms of itching and discomfort within a few applications. Now if he begins to itch again he will adorably request, “Mom, can you please get me some Emily to put on?”

Nowadays his eczema is resolved, but he tends toward dry skin. He may experience an occasional itchy and bumpy flare up due to eating dairy, which is a food we tend to avoid but the teen likes pizza and will sometimes over eat it, so we reach for either EmilySkin Soother or Zi Zai Dermatology’s Ecze-Herbal Creme. For daily moisturization we use Desert Essence Fragrance Free Hand and Body Lotion.


12 Natural Eczema Care Tips for Babies and Kids

  1. Find a qualified Chinese herbalist who specializes in childhood disease and/ or dermatology and allergic autoimmune diseases to consult with about the use of Chinese herbal teas or powders, nutritional supplements and diet changes that can aid in healing of the skin and gut.

  2. Baths and showers water should be tepid to warm. Avoid hot water because it dries out the skin and causes irritation.

  3. Bathe in fragrance-free colloidal oatmeal when itching is severe.

  4. After a bath or shower, blot the skin dry. Do not rub the skin to avoid irritation. Apply a bland emollient/moisturizer within about three minutes to seal in moisture, then apply the appropriate variety of Emily Skin Soother or Zi Zai Dermatology Creme or ointment on top.

  5. Do not avoid baths and showers. A quick bath or shower daily can actually help heal skin by sealing the water moisture into the pores with an oily barrier as described in #4 is healing to skin. Do avoid hot showers or baths as the heat can cause dryness of the skin.

  6. Dress in breathable natural fiber fabrics such as cotton. Avoid polyester, nylon and most fleece. Do not over swaddle infants and babies as they might get over-heated which will intensify itching and discomfort.

  7. Use fragrance free, dye free laundry detergent. Avoid fabric softeners and bleach.

  8. Do not use baby or “Gold Bond” type medicated powders on the skin as they are too drying and tend to irritate the skin.

  9. If your baby has diaper rash, Emily Skin Soother Diaper Rash Ointment is incredibly healing. I have seen it heal bleeding skin overnight. It is not too thick like zinc ointments which do not allow the skin to breath and can worsen the problem.

  10. For extremely bad eczema visit the National Jewish Health website for instructions on how to wet wrap. I suggest to my patients and health coaching clients to use Emily Skin Soother as the seal ointment.

  11. Feed your child and anti-inflammatory diet high in vegetables and fresh unprocessed foods. Avoid soy, corn, dairy, wheat, and oils of canola and soy. Be sure your child gets the nutrients they need when avoiding wheat by discussing this with a qualified healthcare practitioner and self-education. There is much more that can be included in the diet which we will discuss with you during your first virtual visit with me.

  12. Be patient with your child when they are flared-up. Think about how they feel. They might be cranky and moody because they are in pain due to severe itching, cracked skin. They may need you to comfort them at night when itching tends to worsen. Stay with them at night to soothe them to sleep. They need your support and love. Read this article by allergist Dr. Paul Ehrlich about why people with eczema itch more at night.


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